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Pay day loan

A 15 minute payday loans is a form of credit made obtainable only to those who are in employment. It generally consists of a small amount of cash and is loaned for a term of less than a month.

Bad credit history

If you have had trouble refunding loans or other forms of credit in the past then a credit agency may have you listed as being an evil debtor. This means that many companies are less likely to lend to you.

Loan calculator

A loan calculator is a computer database that takes your loan amount and the interest rate and calculates how far you will repay overall as well as the amount you will pay in each installment.

APR (annual percentage rate)

In the United Kingdom, loan interest is always quoted in terms of the annual section rate or, in other words, the amount you would pay if you were to take that loan out for a year. This is the case even when you are taking out a loan for less than a year.


When a creditor gives you a loan they usually charge interest. This is a percentage amount of the sum you are borrowing that they will charge you in return for access to the money. Charging interest enables advance providers to continue to take the risk of lending to their customers.


Some loans will need that you put up a large asset as collateral. Home owner loans or car log book loans are two common examples. If you fail to refund the loan, these assets become the possession of the loan provider.

Unsecured loan

An unsecured loan is one that demands no collateral. You do not have to own your personal home or car or any large asset. This means that a high proportion of people are eligible for this type of loan.


Another name for the loan provider is the creditor. A creditor is anyone who lends you a sum of cash.


The debtor is the person who takes out the loan. In the context of loan arranging this person is sometimes called the customer or any number of other identical terms.


Many people find it helpful to create a budget when they are taking out a loan. Budgeting means deciding ahead of time how much cash you are going to spend on each of your main expenses and sticking to it.

Total repayment amount

When you take out a loan the amount that you refund will be the amount that you loaned plus the interest rate charged and any other fees. The total refund amount is the full amount that you can expect to repay to your creditor.

Loan term

The term of your loan is the amount of period that you are given to pay it off. With a pay day loan this is always 30 days or less. The loan term is different than the loan terms which are the terms you decide to when you sign up. Installment you will typically repay any loan you take out in chunks known as installments. The size of the installment will change according to the amount you are borrowing and the length of time you are keeping the cash for.

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